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  • Nurmoo - huuto lakeudelta

    1 video

    Summer 1939 Little village Nurmo at the Finnish countryside is planning an international wrestling match that versus the whole world. But as autumn 1939 comes everything changes and the story forms into a legend.

    English title: Nurmoo - Shout from the plain
    Language: Finnish
    Subtitles: English

  • Small Town Hitman

    1 video

    Small Town Hitman tells the story of a hitman who is on his last job. He has long wanted to leave his dark profession behind and believes that now he can start a new life. However, his manipulative boss manages to persuade him to carry out one more hit. He must resolve the battle between his dark...

  • Tutorial

    1 video

    A man finds himself in a forest, with no recollection of his identity or how he arrived there. The mystery deepens when he finds a phone with a call that thrusts him into a deadly game. Now, armed with only a cryptic choice of weapons, he must outsmart a series of dangers to uncover the truth. Is...

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