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  • Punainen Kohina

    1 video

    The psychological arthouse thriller-drama directed by Sami Pöyry revolves around a lonely man living on a secluded farm who invites his childhood friends for a visit. He has a plan that will shock everyone who ever knew him and change their lives forever.

    English Title: Red Static
    Language: Finn...

  • Elysium Hernalsiense

    2 videos

    A man in a permanent vegetative state is lying at the ‘Hernals Hospital of Eternal Life’ (formerly known as Etablissement Gschwandner, soon to reopen as REAKTOR, Geblergasse, Vienna’s 17th District), reliving in his dreams the events that led to his hospitalisation. His wife certainly had a hand ...

  • Älä Vastaa

    2 videos

    On his way to the next village, a peasant finds out that he has mischievous company.

    English Title: Don't Answer
    Language: Finnish
    Subtitles: English, (Bonus = Finnish)
    8 min

    Director: Sara Nieminen, Artturi, Rostén
    Writers: Sara Nieminen, Artturi, Rostén
    Stars: Jan-Erik Kiviniemi, Riikka Palon...

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