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  • Deadpan
    1 video


    1 video

    After many years of silence, Luke goes to visit his stepfather Roy who lives in Finland. Luke's mom has recently passed away and the two opposites are forced to come together to bury a mother and a wife.

    Language: English
    Subtitles: Finnish, English
    6 min
    Age Restriction: 7

    Director: Marko Mött...

  • Ikiuninalle

    1 video

    There once was a Sleepy Bear who couldn't get to sleep, not even after hours on a mattress two feet deep.

    English Title: Sleepy Bear's Lullabye-bye
    Language: Finnish
    Subtitles: English, Finnish
    5 min
    Age Restriction: 16

    Director: Artturi Rostén
    Writers: Mikko Peltotupa
    Stars: Mies Mikkonen, Ben...

  • Kotiinpaluu

    1 video

    Spring 1940, a soldier is returning from the Finnish Winter War only to face the Repo man. A struggle against society, nightmares and the temptations of alcohol ensues while he strives to save his farm and marriage.

    English title: Kotiinpaluu - Return
    Language: Finnish
    Subtitles: N/A
    18min 27s...

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